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Dustin H.-
"I think, no one understands scabies, like Dr. Scabies. I made the right choice.."

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From: Dustin H.
Date: 09/01/14 11:05:39
To: support@drscabies.co
Subject: I made the right choice in my Scabies treatment


I work in a Nursing Home and scabies breakout among bed-ridden geriatric patients is quite common. Our unit is understaffed most of the time so it is difficult for the nurses on-duty to give thorough care for a single patient. The patients who usually acquire scabies are those who can barely move, speak and immunocompromised. Their attending doctors usually gives them combination dose of permethrin and ivermectin.

One time, it was my turn to administer the oral and topical medications for them, one of the patients suddenly had an emotional outburst, he started acting violently towards other patients so I had to hold him down and pacify him. Later that day, I found out that he contracted scabies from one of the bed-ridden patients and during the incident I had a skin-to-skin contact with the patient and his beddings. I knew I was exposed to scabies so I asked for prescription for permethrin from one of our resident doctors.

More than two months passed, there was no itching, no rash or anything until 2 weeks ago. So many bumps appeared on my skin each day. It started on my interdigit web spaces and spread to my whole arms. I have to take a leave from work so I won’t transmit the disease further. Being a healthcare provider, it was so frustrating to contract the disease myself. I looked up on the internet for more effective and natural treatments available. I know the nature of permethrin so I want to avoid it as much as possible.

There’s this product called Dr. Scabies and it was mentioned in a number of forums, it seems to have great feedback from the people who used it. I bought one for myself, followed instructions to use it. I also got rid some of my furniture, cleaned the house with borax, sealed up my used clothes, I did everything I could possibly do to contain the spread of scabies. It’s a good thing I live alone. The redness, itching and inflammation of my rash died down after 5 days. I knew from that point I was cured but it took several more days to completely dry the lesions. I think, no one understands scabies, like Dr. Scabies. I made the right choice.

-Dustin H
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Henry Keller-
"Thanks to Dr. Scabies we are now better and smarter in dealing with scabies.."

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From: Henry Keller
Date: 08/25/14 08:41:50
To: support@drscabies.co
Subject: Scabies recurred


I am a 62-year old grandfather and I live with my daughter and her 7-year old son. It was last year when I was first diagnosed with scabies.
I was given permethrin 5% cream by my doctor. It was just the beginning stage so I was able to treat it right away. However, beginning of
this year, my scabies had recurred. I had no idea how I got re-infected again so I used permethrin to get rid of it. This time, no matter how
much or how frequent I used permethrin, one rash appears after another. This continued for many months and the rash were no widely
spread on my feet, legs, thighs, back, abdomen, armpits, elbows, wrists and fingers. Two months ago, my daughter and grandson started
to exist same rash and symptoms as mine. We were all treated with permethrin but nothing improved. My daughter sought help from a
homeopathic doctor and was given Dr. Scabies Whole Family Kit. At this point, we’ve grown tired trying to get rid of our scabies but we still
used Dr. Scabies products accordingly. My daughter and grandson got treated after a week and half while I got treated after 14-16 days of
use. So far, there’s no recurrence of scabies and I don’t think we will ever suffer that much. Thanks to Dr. Scabies we are now better and
smarter in dealing with scabies.

Henry Keller
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Posted August 23, 2014
“I live in Tampa, Florida and I am a mother of two. My eldest child attends the nearest day care center. She’s a very active child and likes to play a lot with the other children. One time, when I came to pick her up at school, her teacher talked to me about one child getting infected with scabies and that my daughter was one of the children who played with the sick child. I don’t have much knowledge about scabies but when her teacher told me it was contagious, I freaked out. We went straight to our family doctor and consulted with my doctor. Since, it’s only a preventive measure for scabies, I asked for something more natural and safe to use on children. My doctor told me to purchase Dr. Scabies online which I did that night. I had it shipped overnight and received it Wednesday. I immediately used the liquid soap and bath solution on my daughter, on me and my 2-year old son. We used it twice daily as instructed for 5 days. Two months passed, we never had single rash that might be suggestive of scabies. I always believe in taking preventive measures before something bad happens. My children’s welfare always comes first and I’m glad I made that move.” -Victoria
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Posted August 22, 2014
“I’ve had scabies for a while and it grew resistant to any treatment that I tried. I am certain it was the permethrin that caused it to become like that. I used it every now and then for 6 months. I didn’t know it would turn out that way. I got so scared so I tried so many herbal products out there in the market. Deep down in my thoughts I knew that single herbal remedy could not possibly get rid of scabies permanently and the fact that my scabies was already resistant, it made me worry even more if will I ever be treated for good. My mom found Dr. Scabies online and bought it for me. She said it contains sulfur and plant oils like – sesame, sunflower, tea trea oil, cucumber extract and many others. I made some research on sulfur as well. I found out that it was the treatment of choice for resistant case of scabies. I was so amazed to get improvements for the first 3 days of use. The Dr. Scabies Starter Kit worked nothing like the products I used before. Today, I am enjoying a worry-free life without scabies.”
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Posted August 22, 2014
“I never imagined I would have scabies at some point in my life. I didn’t know where I contracted it from, zero knowledge on treatment and management and it was spreading like crazy all over my body. The itching was indescribable. I still couldn’t forget how it the itching felt like. I looked up different scabies treatment on the internet and found Dr. Scabies. They recommended me the most suited treatment kit and provided me step-by-step instructions. I strictly followed the instructions because I felt like I had to get rid of my scabies no matter what. I became scabies-free after 10 days. Thank you.”
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Posted August 21, 2014
“It's been 4 days since I began Dr.Scabies treatment and let me tell you this stuff is the BEST! 100% better than 20 tubes of Permethrin cream, which I've used before. Just need to say THANK YOU
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Jake Droke
Posted Feb 1, 2014
Thank you Dr. Scabies for coming up with this amazing product. It helped me greatly. I got rid of scabies with Dr. Scabies. Its one sure short product to burn them out and it worked wonders on me. Good luck and keep up!
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Rebecca Smith - Vancouver, Canada
Posted: February 10, 2014
I had severe scabies all over my face, neck, ears and all my body. My doctor prescribed me with lice treatment and assured that it was the same medicine used for scabies. The medication did not work at all and I went completely wacky, itching all over my body. I went to see another doctor who prescribed me Dr. Scabies. Surprisingly, I was relieved with only two applications within a gap of one week. Just can’t express my gratitude for this product. Thank you Dr. Scabies! – Rebecca Smith
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Johanna Swan - New York
Posted: February 12, 2014
I work at a daycare center and recently one of the kids came out suffering from scabies. Though I did not realize it initially, but soon I started experiencing a terrible itch that just wouldn’t stop. The moment I realized my deteriorating skin condition, I went to see my doctor. He diagnosed me with scabies by looking at my rash that made a linear pattern. I had my feet, legs, arms, stomach area and hands infected. My doctor prescribed me Dr. Scabies. With only two applications, in a gap on one week I could feel the difference. This cream worked like magic and today I am scabies free. – Johanna Swan
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Steve Patrick - California
Posted: February 13, 2014
Recently I came back home from a trip to a lake with an irksome rash that made me go insane with deliberate itching. I had my share of worst itching experience especially during the night time. When I consulted my dermatologist, he diagnosed me with scabies. I was infected mainly on the chest, under arms and legs. The doctor prescribed me Dr. Scabies. I and my whole family applied the product and left it overnight and washed it off the next morning. We repeated the procedure for a couple of weeks. It worked wonders and now we are scabies free. Man this cream really worked! – Steve Patrick
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Jenny Larson - Melbourne, Australia
Posted: April 5, 2014
I was a little leery of putting treatment from skin, but don't let the fact that it's deceive you. It has a wonderful concentration and does not add anything to my skin and has been very beneficial for my family when we had the scabies. I absolutely love it and what it did for us. I'm going to always keep this in stock and wish that I'd discovered it long ago. I can't live without it now! – Jenny Larson
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Kimmy G. - London
Posted: April 11, 2014
In this modern era off "on-line" shopping and thus, pure faith alone, of product effectiveness. I'm often reluctant to believe commercial and marketing claims of product performance guarantees. I am more than pleased to report Dr. Scabies has performed to and exceeded all claims made in its advertisement.I will be sure to order this wonderful scabies treatment from now on. Thank you for relieving my "terrible" itching, almost over night, great formula. – Kimmy G.
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"The only one that works"
Posted: April 20, 2014
I've purchased every month for the past 2 months. This is my 3rd. It's the only cream that helps me with mite infection. – Barbara K.
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"Worked for my daughter"
Posted: May 15, 2014
My daughter suffered from severe scabies infestation. We purchased the Dr. Scabies cream a few months ago and after only a few weeks it was completely cleared up! Miracle bc we have already been to the pediatrician , allergist, and dermatologist for answers. Thus is the only thing that worked! Thank you! I have referred several friends to your product. – Jessica Jacobs
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"Very Good to treat scabies"
Posted: May 17, 2014
After used it for about a week or two, my scabies infection was gone,the itchy is less daily, my skin is as smooth as before. I am very glad I don't need to take any permethrin cream – Dannica
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"cleared scabies as advertised"
Posted: May 25, 2014
What more can i say about this product. Very very pleased with this product. Can't say anything more about it. – Ellen
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"Worked when nothing else would"
Posted: June 3, 2014
My son had scabies infestation, and the doctor prescribed a $300 cream that did nothing for the condition. talking with other people we were told to try this and within two days we could see results and they are gone in two weeks! – Dannica
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"Better than expected"
Posted: June 9, 2014
This natural cream worked extremely well. As advertised worked better than any other product tired for scabies. – Michelle
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"Wonderful for scabies!"
Posted: June 18, 2014
This is an amazing product. I had a recent doubt of scabies which is painful and extremely itchy. The prescribed medication did little to help heal the lesions or manage the itching. Dr. Scabies helped tremendously with the pain as well as itching. Of the dozens of products I have tried this is the only one that has helped to treat scabies and soothe the inflammation. Overall, a fantastic product! – Michelle
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"This is the best thing ever"
Posted: June 20, 2014
Not to be gross but I have had a real issue with scabies and itch. This is the best thing ever. I have tried everthing...but this is the only thing I have used that has worked. – Hazel
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"Everyone should use this..."
Posted: June 23, 2014
I have just been diagnosed with scabies too. The itching started about a month ago. I figured that it was dry skin so I delayed getting it checked out even though the red bumps were a dead giveaway that something was wrong. I too can't believe that I have this. This is my nightmare. Bugs in my skin!! Aghhh... I am a nursing student and most definitely got them from giving bed baths to my patients. What a nice gift? I have just applied Dr. Scabies treatment to my whole body. Everybody in my family has applied the treatment also (even though there is no evidence yet of them being infected). Everybody has to do it on the same day... I wish everyone luck in getting rid of these critters! Yuk... – Joshua
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"Dr. Scabies worked very well"
Posted: June 30, 2014
I have scabies all over my face, ears and neck, and all over my body. The doctor prescribed Dr. Scabies treatment and said gave proper instructions on how to use it. I am out of my mind with this itching. Dr. Scabies worked very well. I recommend it to anyone dealing with the same situation. – Charles T.
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"Dr. Scabies worked very well"
Posted: June 30, 2014
I had scabies about six months ago and I tried the prescribed cream that the doctor told me to use and found that after several weeks I was not seeing any real improvement. I started looking at websites and found Dr. Scabies that might just do the trick. I bought it and followed directions. I rubbed in everywhere I had spots and not only did it take care of the itching but within two weeks it was starting to clear up. I hope this is helpful. – Phil D.
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The active ingredients of Dr. Scabies Treatment formulas are officially monographed in the "Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of The United States."